I'm being improperly billed for my car. What do I do?

If you think are being billed improperly for a motor vehicle you MUST contact the Assessor’s Office.  The Tax Collector’s Office CANNOT make adjustments for you.  This is handled by a different division.  Please do not come to our payment window to attempt to deal with this issue.  Our staff will NOT be able to help you with this and will direct you to the office next door.   

You MUST contact the Assessor’s Office at (203) 854-7888, by fax at (203) 854-7986, or in person at the Assessor’s Office in city hall, during their business hours, which may not be the same as the Tax Collector's hours, depending on staffing.   Please do not ignore your bill.   Even if your vehicle has been:

  • Sold and registration (plates) cancelled
  • Stolen and not recovered
  • Declared a total loss
  • Moved from Norwalk, or from Connecticut

If any of these situations applies to you, you may be entitled to a credit.  Contact the assessor’s office for information regarding the acceptable forms of proof for the issuance of a credit and bill adjustment. Two forms of written proof are required, and you must apply for the credit within a limited time.  

If you got rid of one car, and put the license plates from that vehicle ONTO ANOTHER CAR:  You will not have to apply for a credit; it will be handled automatically.  You were responsible for paying the bill on the "old" vehicle (July 2023); AND, you should receive (in December 2023) a pro-rated bill on the replacement vehicle ("new" vehicle) with credit for what you paid (July /August 2023) on the "old" vehicle.  NOTE: This occurs ONLY IF you put the same plates onto the newer vehicle.

If you got rid of a car, and cancelled the registration, or did not put those plates onto another car, you must contact the assessor's office for information regarding acceptable forms of proof for the issuance of a credit and bill adjustment. (See above.)

Please note that you may have to present your paperwork and then wait up to several days for a response from city staff.  This CANNOT be handled by the tax collector’s staff.  You will be referred to the Assessor’s Office.

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