I think my motor vehicle assessment is wrong! What happened?


Many Norwalk taxpayers have reached out with questions about their motor vehicle assessments.  Every year, the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles provides the Assessor's Office a list of all motor vehicles within our jurisdiction that are subject to taxation.  The DMV assigns assessed values to the majority of vehicles on that list, but there is a portion of the list that is unpriced.   It is up to the Assessor's Office to assign assessed values to those unpriced vehicles, using State approved appraisal guides, such as the JD Power Pricing Guide.  This year, after the tax bills were issued, it was brought to the City's attention that some of these previously unpriced vehicles were incorrectly assessed.  

As of September 8, 2023, all vehicles that were incorrectly assessed have been re-assessed.  The City is mailing revised / corrected tax bills to all taxpayers who were affected.  Many taxpayers have already received corrected bills in the mail; many have already paid their revised bills, since July.  Taxpayers whose bills have been adjusted are being given a 30 day grace period from the day the bill was mailed in which to pay without interest. 

The majority of Norwalk taxpayers have NOT been impacted, as the majority of vehicles were properly assessed.  Nonetheless, the value of many motor vehicles has increased, and this has added to the confusion.  While taxpayers might have expected their vehicles to decrease in value from one year to the next, that has not necessarily been the case in this past year, and many vehicles have actually increased in value.  

Please direct questions concerning your assessment to the Assessor's Office.  

If you are expecting to receive a corrected bill in the mail, it will be clearly marked as a Revised Motor Vehicle Tax Bill.   You can click the link below to view a sample: 

Revised / Adjusted motor vehicle bill: Sept. 2023

Some bills were issued directly from the Tax Collector's Office.   They are black and white, and stamped in red to note the bill is a revised tax bill; these bills also bear a blue and red stamp, indicating the last day to pay.   Other bills were mailed separately on September 8, 2023.  These bills have the Norwalk brand in color, and bear a pay-by date of October 10, 2023.  (See link above.)

Bills that were mailed on September 8 include an explanatory letter from the Assessor's Office, in addition to the revised tax bill. 

Letter Regarding Adjusted /Revised Motor Vehicle Tax Bills: Sept. 2023

Some taxpayers overpaid; some taxpayers underpaid.  Some taxpayers will still owe a balance due, which should be paid by October 10, 2023; other taxpayers are entitled to receive a credit or a refund.   Taxpayers with questions about what they owe, paid, or how to make payment should reach out to the Tax Collector's Office.   Taxpayers with questions about their motor vehicle assessments or how their assessments were determined should reach out to the Assessor's Office.  


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