How much of my taxes can I defer under this program?
For each grand list year, you are allowed to defer any amount of property tax up to 50% of the tax that would otherwise be due, up to $4,000. The minimum amount of deferral is equal to the amount of tax credit allowed under section103-12. The tax deferral, combined with all other tax credits and exemptions, may not exceed 75% of the tax that would otherwise be due. The tax assessor's office will advise the applicant of the maximum tax deferral amount if the 75% limit is exceeded.

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1. What is a Tax Deferral program?
2. Who is eligible for the Tax Deferral Program?
3. How do I know which local program is right for me?
4. How long must the applicant have been a Norwalk taxpayer to qualify?
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6. What property is eligible for the Norwalk Tax Deferral Program?
7. Is there a qualifying income limit?
8. Are there any other requirements or limitations?
9. What is the period for filing an application?
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11. Is the information that I file open to the public?
12. How much of my taxes can I defer under this program?
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14. So, I have to pay back all of my deferred taxes?
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