More About the Plan

Charting a Course for Change

The Harbor Management Plan includes city goals, objectives, and policies to guide beneficial and balanced use of the harbor for recreational, commercial, and other purposes, as well as to protect the harbor's vital natural resources and water quality.

The plan also includes more specific recommendations for 10 harbor management units - specific water and waterfront areas within the overall harbor. Finally, responsibilities and recommendations for implementing the plan are described.

Regulating the Harbor: Benefits of the Plan

Public and private actions affecting the harbor must be consistent with the plan's provisions. The Harbor Management Commission is responsible for ensuring this consistency through the city's harbor management consistency review process, as established within the plan.

The document has also included a number of benefits to the city. For example, the city's role, relative to state and federal authorities, for the planning, management, and regulation of in-water and waterfront activities has been strengthened and expanded as a result of the plan. Also, by articulating its goals for use and conservation of its marine resources, coordination has been enhanced among the different city agencies that carry out harbor management-related responsibilities, including the:

In addition, the duties of the State of Connecticut Harbormaster for Norwalk must be carried out in accordance with the plan.

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