Commission Responsibilities

Protecting Out Waterways

The commission's responsibilities for managing Norwalk Harbor in the public interest and implementing the Norwalk Harbor Management Plan are specified in the Norwalk Code, state statutes, and chapter six of the Harbor Management Plan. These responsibilities include:
  • Administering the city's Harbor Management Fund and allocating funds to improve and manage the harbor for the benefit of the public
  • Establishing policies to be followed by the harbor master
  • Maintaining a leadership role on the city's Water Quality Committee
  • Maintaining databases of information and materials pertaining to the harbor
  • Participating as an advisor in all city-supported planning and development initiatives affecting the harbor
  • Providing advisory assistance for planning and managing operation of the Norwalk Visitor's Dock, boat launch ramps, and island camp sites
  • Pursuing grants for harbor improvement and management
  • Reviewing all proposed projects affecting the harbor for consistency with the Harbor Management Plan
  • Supporting and promoting activities to increase public awareness of the harbor and the Harbor Management Plan
  • Taking actions to ensure continued boating and navigation safety in the harbor

Additional Information

For additional information concerning the Norwalk islands and harbor, view the Norwalk Harbor Management Commission's newsletter.