Crime Scene Unit


Crime Scene Unit

The Crime Scene Unit is responsible for assisting the Detective Bureau, Special Victims Unit and the Crash Reconstruction Unit with the processing of major scenes for forensic evidence. The Unit members have extensive training in all facets of forensics such as latent print development and analysis, photography, use of alternate light sources, ballistic testing, serial number restoration, shoe and tire impression casting and forensic mapping. In February of 2023, the Unit acquired the Faro 3D scanner system to replace the Total Station for mapping Crime and Crash scenes.  Currently, the two members have over 60 years of combined law enforcement experience.  

The Crime Scene Unit also processes evidence collected by Detectives or Patrol Officers from scenes in a state of the art processing room that includes a Fuming Chamber, Dusting Room and Bullet Trap for test fires. The Unit regularly processes evidence for surrounding Police Departments and Federal Agencies as requested.

Identification Unit

The Identification Unit operates within the Crime Scene Unit and is responsible for maintaining the arrest records for all persons arrested by the Norwalk Police Department. The Unit maintains fingerprint arrest cards dating back to 1940 along with thousands of booking photos on film dating back to the 1980s and digital arrest photos used currently.  

The Unit also runs the public fingerprinting and is responsible for the background checks on all pistol permit applications, massage therapists, door to door solicitors, pawnbrokers, precious metals/stone dealers and second hand dealers.

Another responsibility is the maintenance of all Idemia Livescan electronic fingerprint machines and the training of the officers assigned to the Holding Facility on the machines.