2021 Redistricting - New Voting Districts for State/Federal Elections

In late 2021 the State Legislature approved a new map of Congressional, State Senate and State Legislative Districts. It is required to do this every 10 years following the new census. No changes were made to Norwalk's Congressional District, or its State Senate District.

However, Fairfield County grew in population over that 10 year period and one new Legislative District had to be created to account for this extra population. Some of the old districts had to be changed to accommodate this new district - especially in Norwalk as the new district was centered in Wilton. Norwalk gained the part of District 143 that previously had been placed in Wilton and was now placed generally in the vicinity of West Rocks School. District 142 lost that same territory but added territory around Brookside School - at the expense of District 141 which lost half of Rowayton. District 140 was kept largely the same, while District 137 had grown in population and so lost some territory to District 143.

Norwalk's five State Legislative Districts (District 137, District 140, District 141, District 142, and District 143 are shown in different colors on the State/Federal Voting Districts map, Districts 137 and 140 are wholly within Norwalk; Districts 142 and 143 are mostly within Norwalk with small parts in New Canaan and Westport respectively; and District 141 is mostly within Darien with only one precinct in Norwalk. Each Legislative District is divided into three Voting Precincts (A, B, and C) except the 141st which has only one precinct in Norwalk. Solid red lines on the map show the Precinct divisions within the Legislative Districts.

The changes to the State Legislative District borders forced Norwalk to adjust the voting precinct borders in order to serve the surrounding voters efficiently and with polling places that could accommodate their numbers and their parking needs. The Voting precincts were established by the Common Council in April 2022, and although there were many changes, it was generally possible to utilize major streets as borders. For example, the border between 142A and 142C and between 137A and 137B is now the Connecticut Turnpike (I-95); the border between 143A and 143B is Westport Avenue and between 143B and 143C is Newtown Avenue. The borders between 140A, 140B and 140C were unchanged. This should help voters find their correct voting location for State/Federal elections, which are held in even-numbered years. Please look to the maps of the individual precincts for greater details, which will help each voter find the correct precinct at which to vote.

Voting Districts 2022 Approved_Updated-REDUCED SIZE