Norwalk Islands and Camping

Island Parks Information

General Rules & Regulations

Norwalk’s City Island Parks include Grassy, Shea (Ram), and Chimon islands. Norwalk City Codes and the Department of Recreation and Parks’ ordinances and regulations apply to the use of the city’s island parks system. To make your reservation for overnight stays please call 203-866-8810 or visit the Veteran’s Park Boating Center. Transient boaters can also reach the Boating Center on Channel 9.

Supervision and enforcement of all rules and regulations are conducted by the Norwalk harbormaster and constables of the Department of Recreation and Parks. Enforcement is also carried out by the Norwalk Marine Police Division. General rules for Norwalk Island Parks include, but are not limited to, the following regulations:

  • Absolutely no fireworks
  • No alcohol
  • No cutting or injuring live trees, shrubs, plants, or wildlife
  • No dogs
  • No glass containers
  • No hunting above the high watermark

No manufacturing, wholesale or retail business or commercial enterprise of any kind shall be permitted or allowed to be conducted on park property, except with approval from the Common Council

Fire Regulations

No open fires are allowed beyond the beach line. Fires will not be allowed in the island interior areas or in the areas supporting vegetation or foliage. Fires must be maintained in a pit environment to be properly filled in after use. No trash or garbage is to be buried or left in the said fire pit.

Garbage Regulations

Chimon, Grassy, and Shea islands are designated carry-in, carry-out recreation areas; no trash facilities are provided. All garbage and trash are to be taken off the island by the user. The City of Norwalk assumes no responsibility for injury or loss or damage of property.

Additional Resources

Fees and Permits

Specific Island Park Regulations