Road Paving Program

Maintenance Schedule Process

The Department of Public Works investigates the condition of roads independently and through contracted paving consultants. Paving consultants conduct a complete inventory of every street in Norwalk every four years (25% of the city's streets each year).

Prioritizing Process

The Department of Public Works then conducts a budget analysis utilizing pavement management software provided by VHB. Visual inspections are later conducted of the roadways and the department then directs their consultant to perform project-level surveys on select streets. Specific repairs on select streets are recommended, and street conditions are prioritized in the most economically efficient order.

These lists are also often influenced by recently completed work or plans for future improvements (municipal, utility, or otherwise). Each year's list is finalized, pending budget approvals and Common Council authorization.

Projected Maintenance List

The following document indicates streets that have been identified as needing some level of repair, either in part or in whole.