Solid Waste, Recycling & Yard Waste

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the collection, disposal, and regulation of solid waste or household garbage, including recyclables, yard waste and household hazardous waste in the City of Norwalk.

The Department of Public Works, Operations Division manages the weekly curbside garbage collection in the Fourth Taxing District and the weekly curbside collection of single-stream recycling Citywide.

The Operations Division also manages the Norwalk Transfer Station, 61 Crescent Street, Norwalk, CT, and the Yard Waste Site, 15 S. Smith Street, Norwalk, CT.

The Operations Division collects Yard Waste and Christmas Trees from residents in the Fourth Taxing District, which receive City weekly curbside garbage collections.

In addition, the Department administers all tipping fees charged at both facilities, registration and licensing of commercial solid waste haulers, commercial customers, and residential permits for pick-up trucks, trailers or vans.

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