Historic Facade Improvement Grant

The purpose of the Norwalk Redevelopment Agency's Historic Façade Improvement Grant is to provide exterior façade design and/or construction assistance to eligible applicants within the Urban Core and MLK Drive Corridor. This Grant was established to assist projects that are typically too small to generate historic tax credits.

To determine if your property is located within the Urban Core or MLK Drive Corridor eligibility area, please search the property address using the Eligibility Area Map Tool.

If your property is located within the eligibility area, next determine if your building contributes to a historic district, is a historic landmark, or is otherwise designated as a historic resource in Norwalk by consulting the Historic Eligibility Database.

If your property is within the eligibility area, your building is designated as a historic resource, and your proposed work complies with the Guidelines, please begin the application process and email questions to the Agency's staff at: Redevelopment@norwalkct.org

To determine if you are current with your property's municipal taxes from the City of Norwalk, check the City's Tax Collector website.

In order to show the ownership of your property, please consult the City of Norwalk's Land Records and Property Tax Assessor websites.

If your commercial building is not eligible for this Grant, the City of Norwalk also administers a Storefront Façade Improvement Program that may be appropriate for your property.
If your building is not listed as a historic resource, but is located within the eligibility area, please consider completing the Norwalk Historic Resources Inventory application form.