2014 Working Fires

3-Jan 22:59 204 South Main St basement fire 
11-Jan 1:25 Truman Street fire on porch extending up to roof
22-Jan 12:56 18 Red Oak Lane fire in floor
28-Jan 10:41 Valeview Lane Wilton mutual aid, house fire
31-Jan 2:25 9 Sheridan St heavy fire in one half of duplex
15-Mar 20:25 20 Wilton Ave exterior fire spread to porch, siding
19-Mar 20:21 New Canaan mutual aid, house fire
20-Mar 1:16 42 Harborview Ave fire in wall of house
29-Mar 15:27 44 Fox Run Rd large barn, fully involved
21-Apr 18:28 60 William St fire in enclosed porch
27-Apr 15:36 25 Catalpa St kitchen fire
5-May 0:47 18 Reservoir Ave basement fire 
8-May 11:25 I-95 SB X 15 tractor trailer cab fully involved
3-Jul 10:47 109 Murray St fire in exterior wall of house
18-Jul 0:13 6 Walnut Ave fire in wall of house
11-Aug 17:42 1 Cannon St car fire spread to siding & attic
11-Aug 20:43 20 Larsen St fire in walls and roof-heavy damage
28-Aug 12:58 47 Riverside Ave siding, attic and roof of house
28-Aug 21:00 56 Witch Ln mutual aid-Rowayton-house fire
6-Sep 16:55 1 West Ave fire in steeple of church
1-Oct 17:33 16 Bayview Ave  second floor kitchen
2-Nov 19:50 31 West Main St 3rd fl of W/F multi family
19-Nov 18:29 8 Bouton St 1st fl room gutted, extended up siding
1-Dec 16:24 57 Main St fire in floor of restaurant