Applications & Permits


The Mayor's Office provides the following forms for public use:

Public Gatherings & Special Events

  • To submit an application for a Public Gathering or Special Event Permit click here.
  • To view the Public Gathering and Special Event Calendar click here

Street Vendor Application

  • To submit an application for a Street Vendor License click here.

Concert Hall & Community Room Reservations

  • To submit an application to reserve the Concert Hall and/or Community Room click here.
  • To view the Concert Hall Calendar click here.
  • To view the Community Room Calendar click here.

Room Reservations

  • To submit a City Hall Room Reservation click here.

City Clerk Claim Form

  • To download the City Clerk Claim Form click here.

Freedom of Information (FOI)

  • To submit a Freedom of Information Request click here.

Film Permit Application

  • To submit an application for a Film Permit click here.